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PHNET is the one and only registry for the EDU.PH domain. PHNET is the administrator of the authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) servers for the EDU.PH domain. PHNET runs and operates the authoritative EDU.PH DNS servers. For an institution to have a valid EDU.PH domain name, it is necessary for the institution to subscribe to the PHNET EDU.PH DNS Registration Service. There is no other provider for the EDU.PH DNS Registration Service except for PHNET.

Institutions which register domains under the EDU.PH registry, by subscribing to the EDU.PH DNS Registration Service, must provide the authoritative DNS servers for their domains. The institutions may operate the DNS servers on their own or obtain a service from a provider. The choice of DNS servers for a domain is completely under the control of the institutions.

The PHNET DNS Hosting Service is designed for educational institutions which do not want to operate their own authoritative DNS servers. PHNET will maintain and operate the authoritative DNS servers for the institution's domain name.

You may obtain DNS Hosting services from other service providers. PHNET is just one of many such companies. Some companies bundle the DNS Hosting service with their own Web Hosting service. Many providers require that you use their DNS servers when you obtain your Web Hosting service from them. Be sure that you clarify this with your Web Hosting Service provider.

If you obtain the PHNET DNS Hosting Service, you should ensure that the information in your PHNET EDU.PH DNS Registration Service has the following for your Primary Domain Name Servers:

  • Server Hostname:
  • IP Address:
  • Server Hostname:
  • IP Address:
  • You must not have anything in the Additional Name Servers section.

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