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PHNET Permits and Registration

  1. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has reclassified PHNET as a VAT-registered company. As of 3 August 2016, PHNET is a VAT-registered foundation. All our rates as of this date are now VAT-inclusive. Click here to see our current PHNET BIR Certificate of Registration
  2. Previous to 3 August 2016, PHNET was a non-VAT registered organization. Based on BIR RR7 Ruling Number 825 dated 17 October 2006(p1, p2). Click here to see our old PHNET BIR Certificate of Registration
  3. BIR Form 0605
  4. PHNET TIN: 003-944-350-000
  5. PHNET Business Permit
  6. PHNET SEC Registration
  7. PHNET NTC Registration


EDU.PH Domain Name Registration (New or Renewal)

EDU.PH Assisted Information Modification (Manual Revision)

DNS Hosting Service (New or Renewal)

Web Hosting Service

  • PHP 1300/mo for 100MB of disk space. We require a two-month deposit and the payment for the first month to initiate the service. Therefore, the first payment for the service fee is PHP 3900. On the third month (the last month of the service), the subscriber may pay PhP 1300/mo for the renewal of the service. Subscribers may avail of more disk space at a cost of PhP 800/GB in addition to the monthly fee.
  • Payment must be only after completing the Web Hosting Registration Form.

Modes of Payment

  • Cash Deposit
  • A locally drawn check made payable to the "Philippine Network Foundation, Inc." Include all applicable bank charges (such as for regional clearing).
All payments must be deposited to one of our bank accounts below:

Philippine Network Foundation, Inc.
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
Loyola Heights Branch
Philippine Peso Account No. 0-193-80398-9
US Dollar Account No. 8-193-00513-7

Any branch of RCBC will accept a deposit to these accounts.

We also have a Union Bank account but you should not deposit payments to this account. Because UB no longer provides copies of deposit slips, the depositor would not have an acceptable proof of payment to present to PHNET. Payments through Union Bank should only be through their online facility or Interbank transfer.

Philippine Network Foundation, Inc.
Union Bank
Julia Vargas Ortigas Center Branch
Philippine Peso Account No. 00-091-002190-9
US Dollar Account 13091-000446-0

If direct transaction with our bank is not possible, we suggest using your own bank's online facility to transfer payment to one of our accounts. Please coordinate with your own bank on how this could be done.

After Payment

After your payment, kindly e-mail us (support AT a scanned copy of your the deposit slip. If not a deposit slip from our bank, you may present some other proof of payment as long as the proof shows that the payment was deposited directly to a PHNET bank account.

Advice/Authority to Debit Account (ADA) or similar debit memos are not acceptable as proof of payment. They neither show when nor if the bank complied with the memo. You must obtain a certificate from the bank showing all the details of the payment, instead of using the ADA, as the proof of payment.

If BIR deductions to the payment were made, you must also email us the corresponding BIR Form corresponding to the deduction. Please include the following in your email:

  • the service you are paying for
  • the domain name (not the school name)
  • the school's TIN (required by the BIR for the official receipt)
  • the address where the PHNET official receipt should be sent using PhilPost ordinary mail
  • other instructions on how to handle the official receipt

Email which exceeds 2048KB in size will NEVER EVER reach us no matter what you do or how long you wait. Such emails are automatically discarded by our system.

Official Receipt

We send the receipts every Monday through the Philippine Post Office (PhilPost). The timely delivery of this ordinary mail, normally in 3 weeks, is controlled by PhilPost not PHNET. Note that this is through ordinary mail which has no tracking number.

You may engage your own courier service if you wish. If so, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for the courier to pick up the receipt from our office. When you email your proof of payment, you must inform us of such an arrangement so we would not send your receipt through PhilPost. We also e-mail a scanned copy of the official receipt to the technical and admin contacts of the domain.


For refunds, you must explicitly email a request together with the following information:
  1. name of bank
  2. name of account holder (must be the institution's bank account)
We will deposit a check to the account of the institution, less a handling fee of PhP 200.

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